Who is Wisconsin Brewing Company? We’re brewers and businesspeople, friends, parents and grandparents, artists, craftsmen and pioneers. People who try to be good and do good, who appreciate great times and great brews – who share the same enthusiasm for our home state, love for our families, and passion for our beer. In other words, people a lot like you. We are Wisconsin. And if all this strikes a chord, there’s a good chance you’re Wisconsin too. We source local ingredients from local growers every chance we get (which is most of the time) and every piece of the brewery that could be made in Wisconsin was made in Wisconsin! Steel from Waunakee. Steamwork from Milwaukee, Blacktop from Waukesha. Electrical from Mt. Horeb. Even a genuine Huppman Brewhouse, designed in Germany, but constructed in Hudson, Wisconsin. Our promise to you: We will brew an incredible variety of beers that are loaded with awesome flavor, made with passion, pride, and creativity, and are always fun to drink! We believe that beer is here to enhance the enjoyment of life, making good times and great times even better. That’s our philosophy, and we hope you’ll raise your glass to it as well. After all, while it’s our craft, and our passion, at the end of the day… it’s your beer!

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