5 Curious Beer Records

This week we have selected for you some of the funniest and bizzare records around the world about our in common favorite passion for craft breweries and their brews! We answer at a very simple question, "who...?" Who brew the strongest beer? Who serve the largest variety of beers? What is the largest glass of beers? Some records are very cool, some are very big and some are funny... Here we are, let's start from the bottom of our Beers World Records! 5. THE LARGEST BEER GLASS This unique beer record is owned by Stod Fold Brewing Company. The largest glass of craft beer contained 2,082 litres (457.99 gal, 550 US gal) of Stid Fold Gold on 6th of July 2014 in Halifax (west yorkshire, GB). The glass measured 2.23 m (7 ft 4 in) tall with a diameter of 1.12 m (3 ft 8 in). It took one hour to fill the glass. It contained 3,664 pints, one for every kilometre of the Tour de France. They beat the record obtained from The Auld Dubliner Irish Pub in Tustin, in California (US) with only 1,499 litres (329.74 gal) of Guinness and was prepared, on 21st of November 2009. 4. THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF BAR TOWELS Who said no one collect towels? Robert Begley, a man who live in Chambersburg in California, collect 2,372 beer towels representing 27 different countries since 1990 from when he was 7. Since then, Robert has been collecting everything from coins, Boy Scout patches, nutcrackers, bar tap handles, beer bottles, pub signs and of course bar towels! 3. THE LARGEST BEER CRATE PYRAMID The largest beer crate pyramid consisted of 105,995 beer crates and was made by Quandt-Schön Getränkefachhandelsgesellschaft mbH and Radio MV with the help of 60 volunteers in an event organised by Radio MV in Satow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, as ascertained on 5 June 2011. The bottom layer of the pyramid consisted of 85 x 85 crates, measured 33.8 m (110 ft 10 in) x 25.5 m (83 ft 8 in), and had a height of 12.9 m (42 ft 4 in). The building of the pyramid started on 23 May 2011 and was completed on 5 June 2011. 2. THE MOST DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF BEER ON TAPSHARE After knowing that, we are sure that every beer lovers of our community will know where to go live for his sabatic year. There's a beer garden in Raleigh, in North Carolina (US) that serve 369 different beers on draft tap. 369!! Of the 378 on tap, only 9 are available for less than three months. This record was achieved by The Raleigh Beer Garden! Help us to collect all this beers under this location! Start suggesting! 1. THE WORLD'S STRONGEST BEER And the winner is...BrewDog. The BrewDog company brew this special limited beer because.. they want to push the boundaries.. Again!! We like, I know! After producing the strongest beer of the world with their Bismark they raise their record. They! Brewing this beer with 55 Alcohol by volume with a price around 700 dollars. The name is The End of History and this blond Belgian ale is infused with nettles from the Scottish Highlands and Fresh juniper berries. Only 12 bottles have been made and each comes with its own certificate and is presented in a stuffed stoat or grey squirrel. The striking packaging was created by a very talented taxidermist and all the animals used were road kill. This release is a limited run of 11 bottles, 7 stoats and 4 grey squirrels. Each ones comes with its own certificate of authenticity. cit. 'At BrewDog we want to push the boundaries and challenge people‚Äôs perceptions about what beer is and how it can be enjoyed. We ultimately want to show people that there is an alternative to the mainstream, generic beers and make other people as passionate about craft beer as we are. We have pushed the limits of beers in many directions, ultra hoppy low abv beers (such as Nanny State), Islay Barrel Aged Stouts, Ageing IPAs on the Ocean and doing off the wall collaborations.' We dare to say that we give all our support to such initiative. Great job!

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