National Beer Day

On April 7th, 1933 President Roosevelt made a famous remark "I think this is a good time for a beer." That was the beginning of a new era for beer enthusiasts. A new law allowed people to buy, sell and drink beer containing 4.05% by volume. There was a great response from the community with many people gathering outside their local breweries and it's said that 1,5 million barrels were consumed on that day. Just like the day a new IPhone is available at the apple stores, an awful lot of people started to gather together the night before. Today, 84 years after the law went into effect, the Craft Beer Industry is still booming. All beer enthusiasts around the world have made it possible and we will always be supporting all the breweries for all their hard work in order to create new brews for us to enjoy. Stay Thirsty, Stay Beery! Happy National Beer Day not only in the US but everywhere! Cheers staff

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