The idea to start Societe came about in October 2010 when Travis and Douglas decided to leave their brewing jobs to create a brewery of their own. After months of planning and construction, the tasting room doors first opened in May 2012. The pair decided to focus on making the tasting room experience an enjoyable and memorable one. They put a lot of effort and thought into designing the tasting room to help enhance the experience of visiting a brewery. When you walk in you will feel welcomed into a turn of the century style decor, big, open tasting room. Views of the brewery and the barrel room enhance the overall experience as well. Societe Brewing Company has 4 lines of beer: ~Out West~ ~Old World~ ~Stygian~ ~Feral~ The Out West series is an exploration of the flavor of the hop, within and beyond the established hop-forward styles that have made San Diego and the entire West Coast famous. The Old World series is an homage to the classic beer styles and the traditional brewing history of Old World Europe, but we impart a distinct San Diego perspective into these beers. The Stygian series is a tribute to the river Styx: dark and deep, impactful and unforgettable. The Feral series is asleep in the wood. Our Feral beers will be born from our barrel-room, aged and blended to create an experience like no other. Patience will reward those who wait for a taste of something Feral. Coming soon(ish)... Societe beers, growlers and fills, and merchandise are available for purchase onsite.

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