American Style Imperial Stout

American Style Imperial Stouts are black. Extremely rich malty aroma is typical. Fruity-ester aroma is generally high. Diacetyl aroma should be absent. Hop aroma is medium-high to high with floral, citrus and/or herbal hop aromas. Extremely rich malty flavor with full sweet malt character is typical. Roasted malt astringency and bitterness can be moderately perceived but should not overwhelm the overall character. Hop flavor is medium-high to high floral, citrus and/or herbal hop flavors. Hop bitterness is medium-high to very high and balanced with the malt personality. Fruity-ester flavors are generally high. Diacetyl should be absent. Body is full.
IBU (International Bitterness Unit)
Abv (Alcohol By Volume)
SRM (Standard Reference Method)