Session India Pale Ale

Session India Pale Ales are gold to copper. Chill haze is allowable at cold temperatures and hop haze is allowable at any temperature. Fruity-ester aroma is light to moderate. Hop aroma is medium to high with qualities from a wide variety of hops from all over the world. Low to medium maltiness is present. Hop flavor is strong, characterized by flavors from a wide variety of hops. Hop bitterness is medium to high. Fruity-ester flavors are low to moderate. Diacetyl is absent or at very low levels. Body is low to medium. Beers which exceed 5.0% abv would not be characterized as Session India Pale Ale. Beers containing less than 4.0% abw (5.0% abv) which could be appropriately characterized in another classic or traditional category would not be appropriately characterized as Session India Pale Ale.
IBU (International Bitterness Unit)
Abv (Alcohol By Volume)
SRM (Standard Reference Method)