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In a dorm room, in a garage, in a basement, in a kitchen – we all started as Beer Hackers brewing for cheapness, utility, and curiosity. Flying Monkeys’ Founder, Peter Chiodo, learned home brewing as a little boy in Gramp’s Etobicoke basement. Mining his skill as a broke university student in Alabama and even broker grad student in Mississippi, our Peter honed his talents and learned to respect beer brewed with hands (not machines). And his passion for local, fresh craft beer grew. Any Craft Brewer worth anything started somewhere as a Home Brewer. We learned the craft, we followed the curve, we invested our All. If a Craft Brewery started solely as a name, a brand, or a business plan, then shame on them. Marketing is not Brewing.

Craft brewery | The Flying Monkeys in Barrie (CA) 19/05/2016 14:39:19
When sweet drool beads slowing down the side of your chin you might be looking at the perfect brew from Flying Monkey, or you've most certainly tucked into your first of the evening. With a range of fabulous flavours you have to be sure to nip in and see what's on tap because there's a new special treat waiting for you every time. Specializing in unique hoppy beers you'll find a variety of brew types and seasonal tastes. The Brew house has been newly renovated and it's soon to be serving up food to make the beer taste even better. I am personally looking forward to the opening of the kitchen so that the missus can also enjoy Flying Monkey as much as I do. Another excuse to visit! Have a taste, take home a pack...